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Roof Gardens in Rome

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33,635 plays She Lives In My Lap (feat. Rosario Dawson) OutKast Speakerboxx, The Love Below Disc 2

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Stanely Tookie Williams Crip Co-founder - CRIP  ( Community Revolution In Progress ) . Crips were an off shot of Black Panthers same as bloods.


R.I.P. Stanley Tookie Williams Crips Co- Founder.


It’s sad that in these times people have forgotten what it means to be a Gangsta. Too many of us think that getting into dumb fights over sneakers or rapping about guns is some “Gangsta shit”. Black Gangs were created to protect black people from all types of police brutality and harassment. It was intended to provide security for us. Therefore, a real gangsta is one who defends his people; fights for them and provides for them. That’s Gangsta shit. 
Written by @KingKwajo


African dance is beautiful

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